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The Search for Truth

it IS out there, you just have to find it

The Search For Truth
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The Search for Truth.

A community for truth seekers and conspiracty theorists alike. There are many truths out there still waiting to be uncovered and we are all entitled to them.

This community is to discuss all things truth or consipiracy theory related, including (but definately not limited to) The JFK Assasination, Martin Luther King Jr., 9/11 Consipracy, New World Order and even UFO's......if any of subjects of this matter interest you, THEN THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!

It is up to all of us to get this community going and keep it going.

"The Truth is out there"


This community IS NOT for bashing others opinions and thoughts with such pointless blabber as "you stupid fucker" or "fucking idiot" or any other WONDERFULLY mindless musings as such.....if that is what you are looking for....try debate